Calculating of Peanut Seed Requirement (Arachis hypogeae L.)

Calculating the need of peanut seeds depends on the spacing each plant, number of seeds per planting hole, and estimated percentage growth of peanut seeds. Because percentage of growth is important so we have to choose a good quality peanut seeds and a trusted manufacturer.
To calculate the requirement of peanut seeds is as follows:
If we know:
A. Planting distance of peanut 30 cm x 20 cm.
B. Peanut seed growth is 85%

From the above we can calculate:
1. How many seeds for 1 hectare area are needed when planted a seed per planting hole?
2. If we know the weight of 1000 seeds of peanut is 300 g, determine the weight of the peanut seeds needed for 1 hectare

The solution

1. We count the planting hole by multiplying the number of rows and the number of holes in line:
number of rows of plants = (100 / 0.3 + 1) = 444 rows
number of holes in row = (100 / 0.2 + 1) = 501 holes.
The number of planting holes in 1 hectare is 444 x 501 = 222,444 planting holes.

And then we calculate the number of peanut seeds by multiplying the number of planting holes and the number of seeds per hole = 222,444 x 1 seed = 222,444 seeds.

Next we multiply the seed needs and seed growth (85%) to add spare.
finally the need for seed per hectare becomes = 222,444 * 100/85 = 261,699 seeds.

2. The number of peanut seed for 1 hectare is:
= 261,699 / 1000 * 300 g = 78,509 g = 78.5 kg per hectare
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